Gefen, Glick's, Kedem, Kayco Launch Purim Passover Season by Donating a Truckload of Food to Feed the Needy at Masbia

Boro Park, Brooklyn -- Wednesday morning, March 6, Masbia's ED Alexander Rapaport wrote an e-mail to Barry, one of the warehouse managers at Kayco, the distributor for Kedem, Gefen, Glick's, and others, explaining that the inventory at Masbia of Boro Park is very low, and asking if they can help share some food. By the end of the day, there was a delivery of 12 pallets of food in front of Masbia of Boro Park, with more to come next week. 

"This is not the first time Kayco and the Herzog family have donated food to Masbia, but the speed in how it was done definitely shows their commitment to doing a mitzvah, especially considering how busy they are now that their Purim and Passover season is in full swing", said Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director of the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network.

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network serves around 1600 families weekly with grocery food packages, and about 500 hot dinners daily. For Purim 2019, Masbia hopes to raise $95,400 Matanos Levyonim charity dollars to be able to bring the joy of Purim to everyone in need. Follow the progress on the goal bar on the Purim webpage here:

"There is simply no better way to do the mitzvah of Matanos Levyonim and Mishloach Manos than partnering with Masbia on Purim. We expect to serve hundreds of Purim meals in-house, in addition to distributing over a thousand food packages", Rapaport added.

If you wish to donate directly to a Masbia near you. For Boro Park, click here. For Flatbush, click here. For Queens, click here.

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network is where the rubber meets the road in the fight against hunger. Masbia operates restaurant-style soup kitchens and food pantries that serve more than 2 million meals a year. Masbia is the largest kosher soup kitchen in America.

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