Bernstein Family Virtual Mitzvah Project for Passover 2020 - Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

We all know that kosher food is expensive and during a time of crisis such as Covid-19, there are many people who have lost their income. With the holiday of Passover coming up, Masbia is anticipating the need to deliver enough meals to not only help people get through the holiday (8 days) but also the 14 days of the quarantine period that some Jews are currently facing.
With all of this in mind and with the cancellation of our own family Passover plans, we decided to do a virtual mitzvah project together.  After all, you don't have to physically be together to actually be together.
Masbia is a kosher soup kitchen that is putting together Emergency Relief packages for quarantined individuals. If we can raise at least $350, then we can feed one person for fourteen days! We understand that income is limited right now, so please donate whatever you feel comfortable with.
Thank you so much!
The Bernstein, Moritz, Santiago, Rosner, Yarosh, Olitzky, and Spector Families

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