Masbia and The Rebbe's Choice Herring

Naftali and Remi Engel, the founders of The Rebbe's Choice company, have been generously donating their high-end, delicious herring for Masbia's Shabbos Kiddush every week. They recently added a new item to their line of products: a delicious, homemade style cracker, known in Yiddish as kichel (after all, how can you eat herring without kichel). Those who follow their line know that each of their unique products is inspired by the teachings of a particular Hasidic Rebbe. Their new kichel is inspired by the legendary Reb Shayele of Kerestir, renowned for feeding the needy. Check out their home page for their complete line of products.

The label on the kichel includes an appeal to follow in the footsteps of Reb Shayele and help feed the needy by donating to the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network via this dedicated webpage:

Photo of product:

Below is the full label on the kichel: