Donate FLEISH - Chicken to Feed the Needy at Masbia, Get FLEISHIGS - Magazine

Tisha B'Av is almost over and in a few short hours, we'll go back to our normal food routine. But for some people, there is no normal food routine. While we were traditionally doing without meat and chicken for the last few days, for the families who pick up emergency food packages at Masbia, proteins are the most sought after food items. From when we opened we knew the biggest challenge for people in need is to get sufficient kosher protein and therefore we started as a dinner program. As we expanded into raw food distribution, the most sought after item is chicken. That's why we distribute over half a million dollars worth of chicken a year. 

Do you know the Yiddish word for beef and chicken? It's Fleishigs. For your donation to help us fill the demand for fleishigs, we will give you a free subscription to the new, beautifully produced Fleishigs magazine. By donating now, we'll be able to sign you up for the free subscription, starting with the stunning, upcoming High Holidays issue. Another item in the Masbia online store that is timely are the Shana Tovah cards. While there are seven weeks until Rosh Hashana, now is the time to order to give yourself plenty of time to write your Rosh Hashana greetings and wishes and have them arrive on time to family and friends. 

For every $20 you donate, you can choose a pack of 8 cards from a wide range of designs. And if you donate 36 meals (at $6 a meal) for $216, you will receive a full year subscription to the new Fleishigs magazine. Your dollars will turn into the pastaricecarrotsappleschicken, and beef we will serve tomany in need in the upcoming days. Masbia is a hand to mouth grassroots charity. The time from when you donate until the food reaches the stomach of someone in need is usually less than two weeks.

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