10 Emergency Food Packages - Receive Farmer Lee Jones’s Cookbook + Kosher Companion, $540

Masbia’s got something special in store for anyone who sponsors two emergency food packages!

Farmer Lee Jones is excited to send his newly released cookbook to anyone who sponsors 10 emergency food packages to Masbia!

From the growers and providers of exquisite vegetables for high-end restaurants across the country comes The Chef’s Garden cookbook. Become immersed in the world of vegetables like never before while you cook and capture the essence of the farm, and its beloved farmer, in your home.

Featured in The New York Times, The Chef’s Garden cookbook contains 500 entries, from herbs to edible flowers, to varieties of commonly known and not-so-common produce, this book will be a new bible for farmers' market shoppers and home cooks. With 100 recipes created by the head chef at The Chef's Garden Culinary Vegetable Institute, you’ll learn innovative techniques to transform vegetables in your kitchens.

Farmer Lee Jones’ goal for his cookbook was to give the world an appreciation for vegetables, not only from a nutrient perspective but also from a chef’s perspective. Therefore, the primary focus in each recipe is the vegetable(s) – even when the recipe calls for meat or dairy. Therefore the cookbook is very suitable for kosher kitchens because the main attraction is – THE VEGETABLES!

Kosher Companion to The Chef’s Garden Cookbook
The Chef’s Garden cookbook is not labeled as kosher, Masbia has created a special kosher companion titled, Adamah Treasures: A Kosher Adaptation of Recipes from ‘The Chef’s Garden’ Cookbook, that will be your guide for altering some of the most intricate non-kosher recipes into recipes that are suitable for the kosher kitchen. (Click here to learn more)

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