Chop Hunger 2017

Jews in New York City will start the High Holiday cooking season by chopping hunger at a foodie event to benefit Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. At the center of the event will be three amazing kosher chefs battling on stage live in a cooking competition at the Ballroom of Lincoln Square Synagogue on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The event will also serve as the debut for the 50 Versions of Tzimmes Recipe Booklet which contains contributions from 50 different Jewish chefs and cookbook authors who are also invited to attend the event. The meal will feature traditional Rosh Hashanah dishes from around the world, buffet style. The competition will be produced and hosted by the most popular names in kosher cooking competitions in America: Avi Levy from Florida and Naomi Nachman from Long Island. 

A lineup of judges and competitors from popular kosher restaurants across the country will make up the competition. The competing chefs will be Cyndi Stanimirov from Bison and Bourbon, Christian Jurado Benitez from Olive Tree, and David Benrey from The Harbour Grill. They will be judged by Joshua Massin from Nobo Wine and Grill, Alex Reznik from Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar NYC, and Katsuji Tanabe from Mexikosher.

In order to make sure guests get the latest updates and news on cutting edge kosher food, especially in time for Rosh Hashanah, the authors of the newest released kosher cookbooksover the past year will be tabling at the event.

All proceeds from the event will go to Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, the only kosher soup kitchen in America. Over 2 million meals are served yearly from their three locations for free to people who desperately need it; all in a dignified restaurant like atmosphere. The event will also honor the donors who sponsored the recent renovations of two Masbia dining rooms, in Boro Park and Forest Hills.

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