COVID-19 EMERGENCY: Sponsor Food Relief to the Quarantined for Corona Prevention - Masbia Soup Kitchen Network


Passover may be over but the need is now even greater. To donate to our current response to the hunger wave, click here.

Masbia increased the allowance of all food pantry clients to 14 days worth of food. A regular Masbia kosher food package includes food for 3 to 7 days worth of meals. Before Passover, we increase the package size to 6 to 10 days. Quarantined clients would need the package to be for 14 days.

  • Quarantined individuals cannot pick up, and it needs to be delivered.
  • If the 14 days will overlap Passover, that means we need KFP food.
  • To be able to do this on a mass scale, it will need to be shelf stable, light packaging and no glass.
  • Senior and kid friendly food, mostly ready to eat.

Amanda Ng, RDN, put together a perfect Emergency Food Relief package for the Quarantined for Corona Prevention. It will be 3 boxes per person, which will include 3x14=42 meals. (In order not to add any anxiety, she didn't put everyone on diet. She made sure the meals are generously portioned.) It will cost us $350 to deliver food per person.

Masbia's initial goal is to raise $350,000.00 and help 1,000 people.

Meanwhile, with so many people out of work and children not getting breakfast and lunch at school, many are facing anxiety about not having enough food or a way to feed their families. They also need a higher volume of food, though they are not quarantined and can pick up their raw food packages. (All this was featured in the NY Times print edition on 3/21/2020).

To donate via Venmo click here (only donations made through this page though will be immediately reflected on the goal bar).

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