Sponsor Emergency Food Packages for Families in Need

Emergency food packages cater more to women and children who have a home to cook in but have no means to buy raw ingredients. The gold standard of an emergency food package is to include enough food to make three meals for three days for every member in a family. Masbia's packages have closer to a week's worth of food.  It's always a challenge to have high-end nutritious foods included in those packages. In order to create the packages we distribute, we require close to 100,000 pounds of food each week. We distribute close to 2,000 packages a week in our emergency food package distribution.

$54 sponsors one package for a family of 4, $216 sponsors all 4 pickups in a month for one family, $540 sponsors 10 packages, $972 sponsors 18 packages, $1,890 sponsors one hour's worth of emergency food package distribution, $5,400 sponsors 100 packages, $108,000 sponsors a week of raw food packages, and $432,000 sponsors a month, which is 8,000 packages.

We also accept donations via Venmo and Paypal. For more donation options see catalog.

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