Hanukkah Gelt: Please Join the Charity Collection to Feed the Needy at Masbia

Masbia_Hanukkah_Candle_Lighting.jpgMasbia needs your help to feed the needy all year round. Hanukkah is no exception. Masbia does try to make the client's experience for Hanukkah exceptional. In the lead up to Hanukkah, Masbia distributes toys to the children of needy families. The grocery food packages Masbia distributes include ingredients to make potatoes latkas and jelly donuts. The in-house dinner that is served during the 8 nights of Hanukkah is held in the holiday decorated dining room. Masbia has a sweet little candle lighting ceremony at sundown and donuts are served for dessert. Some nights, volunteers may show up to play music and bring some special treats, turning dinner into a full Hanukkah party. Please donate generously today to make Hanukkah at Masbia happen. No child should go hungry, especially for the holiday.

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Masbia_Hanukkah_Latka_Ingredients.jpgHere are some sponsorship opportunities: Sponsor all the potatoes (for latkas) for $5,000, all the cooking oil (for donuts) for $4,000, all the yeast (for donuts) for $2,500, all the flour (for donuts) for $2,000, all the eggs (for donuts) for $1,800, donuts for dinner dessert for $500 a night. All year round sponsorship options are $6 a hot dinner meal, $54 a pantry package, and $5,000 a day. Masbia put together an Amazon Wishlist of toys that Masbia wishes to distribute to children at the network of soup kitchens for Hanukkah. Check out the wishlist to sponsor a toy for a child in need at Masbia and bring joy to their holiday. Just like how Masbia wants to make the holiday special for children at the soup kitchens, Masbia also wants to bring joy to children in Puerto Rico for the holidays. Puerto Rico is still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Wishlist has been updated with toys that will be directly shipped and distributed to children in Puerto Rico. 

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If you want a special seasonal gift with your donation, Masbia is featuring extra virgin olive oils made from olives just harvested in November 2017. Click here to check them out. They also have some unique gifts in their online store such as a mezuzah holder made out of repurposed Masbia dining tables, autographed cookbooks, and Masbia gear. Check out the store here.


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