Joy of Kosher: Help Others Have a Happy Passover this Year

APR 12, 2016


On Passover, we celebrate freedom as we eat matzah, also known as the "bread of affliction," or "poor man's bread." Meanwhile though, it is important to think about those who really are afflicted by poverty and hunger. 


Charity is welcome any time of year, but on Passover, it is especially important to think of others. On Passover, it is easy to forget others as people are focused on cooking and cleaning. But the opposite should be true. On Passover there is acually more need! Alexander Rapaport of Masbia explains that "on Passover, the charity is created by the demand. The need creates the giving."  

Masbia soup kitchen network and food pantry in NY has initiated an incredible new program, called Charoset Drive, to provide Passover food so that many more people can enjoy a traditional Passover with a complete seder plate and a festive meal. The goal this year is to provide the kosher for Passover essentials to 15,000 people, sponsoring 18 meals per person for the holiday. Although during the year, Masbia calculates a need of 3 meals per person for 3 days a week, during Passover, the need is much higher. Therefore, through the Charoset Drive, the plan is to provide 18 meals per person for the holiday. These meals are meticulously organized in order to ensure that they are nutritionally balanced, and meet all kosher for Passover requirements.

Rapaport explains that during Passover, the budget of a family is inevitably stretched. First, there are the obvious expenses of food. Passover dietary limitations make food more expensive, and there are greater limits on varieties of food. Second, during the Passover vacation, children are home from school, and therefore do not receive the meals that they would have received at school, and the expense falls on the parents.

Through the Charoset Drive, costs are leveraged to ensure that each dollar donated is effective. Planned direct deliveries to recipients by truck ensure an organized method of receiving food, at less cost. For each $75 donated, an entire family receives $150 worth of groceries. 

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This year, with a donation of $1,350 or more, you also have the chance to recieve freshly picked greens from The Chef's Garden in Huron, Ohio. This GMO free farm supplies individualized orders of especially unique vegetables to over 3,000 top chefs throughout the US. This Passover package includes exotic veggies such as pink-tipped micro-green parsley, baby Romaine lettuce, and a colorful array of radishes which you may have never seen before. The package is so exclusive, that only 30 are available! You will have the most delicious and trendiest seder plate ever! 

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Learn how to make an impressive exotic array for your seder plate here:


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