Receive Cookbook Gifts from Kim Kushner for Sponsoring Meals for the Needy Today - Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

During these cold winter evenings, there are a lot of forgotten people who use Masbia's services. The homeless man who was out in the cold all day and is looking for his only hot meal of the day.  The Holocaust survivor coming with a home attendant for a hot dinner. The under-employed worker who struggles to get through the month. The single mother coming for raw groceries to cook for her children at home.

To take care of these forgotten people, award-winning author and culinary expert, Kim Kushner, has donated her best-selling cookbooks as an incentive to sponsor food to help feed the needy. Your donation of $108 will sponsor 18 (Chai) hot meals at $6 a meal, or 2 emergency raw food packages for a family to take home, at $54 a package.

Kim Kushner recently released her third cookbook, called I Heart Kosher. For every donation of $108, you'll get her amazing, cutting-edge cookbook. While using her cookbooks to serve cutting-edge Kosher cuisine to your family in the warmth of your own home, you'll also be helping to feed the forgotten needy out there in the cold.

The gifts will be fulfilled via Masbia's online store at We will respond to your donation with a promotional code for the gift you are eligible for. The store has the capability to send your order to anyone you wish to send it as a gift.

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