Join Me! Support Feeding Those In Need At Masbia And Get My Cookbooks - Leah Koenig

As a cookbook author, I see first hand how food not only delights but also nourishes and connects us. That’s why I admire the work Masbia does every day, sharing food with people in need. Join me in supporting their mission, and get a copy of one (or more!) of my cookbooks. Thank you! - Leah Koenig

For sponsoring 30 meals at $180 ($6 a meal), you'll get Leah's newest book, 'The Jewish Cookbook', published by Phaidon, a rich trove of contemporary global Jewish cuisine, featuring hundreds of recipes. The more you give, the more you get. Leah is including 5 of her cookbooks in this offer. For every $180 you give, you'll get another one of her cookbooks. $900 will get you all 5 cookbooks, and for $1,800, you'll receive autographed copies of all 5 cookbooks.

Choose your donation amount below. For a donation of $180, you will get the most recent cookbook. If your donation makes you eligible for more than one, we will send you the next most recent book(s). For a full description of Leah's cookbooks, you can visit the Masbia store here (where you'll also have the option to process your donation). 

To make a fully tax-deductible donation without gifts, click here. To learn about the High Holiday season needs, click here.

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