Naomi Nachman With Great Gifts for Masbia Donors - Make Your Tax Deductible Donation Today

I am Naomi Nachman, kosher cookbook author of “Perfect Flavors” and “Perfect for Pesach”. I joined Masbia Soup Kitchen Network to help with feeding the needy. Masbia distributes over two million meals a year out of three locations. We all look for our food to be perfect, but the real perfect meal comes when the meal is shared. The flavor of sharing is the strongest of all

So many of our brothers and sisters, neighbors and strangers, children, adults and seniors are in need of help with the basic necessity - food. Here is what I will do; If you can sponsor eighteen meal at Masbia at six dollars a meal, I will send you my new cookbook “Perfect Flavors” as a thank you gift. Your food made with those delicious recipes will also have the perfect flavor of “sharing” in every dish. If you can do thirty-six meals, I will even autograph the cookbook for you. 

But let’s not stop here. For fifty-four meals, I will add the Perfect for Pesach in for you, and for seventy-two meals, it will be autographed too. 

But here is a real challenge - this might not be for everyone, but if you can do eighteen thousand dollars, I will cook up a meal for you. I'll send you the cookbook, and you'll use it to choose your menu, and I'll deliver a feast!

At the end of the day, it's not about the gifts. It's about sharing a meal and making the world a more perfect place. So remember, every little bit helps. Six dollars sponsors an entire meal. So please do the best that you can today, and make a donation. Your dollars become the fish,  the meat, the carrots, potatoes and rice that Masbia volunteers will use to feed the needy. Please make your tax-deductible donation today.

Naomi Nachman

The gifts will be fulfilled via Masbia's online store at We will respond to your donation with a promotional code for the gift you are eligible for. The store has the capability to send your order to anyone you wish to send it as a gift.

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