Help Load Up For Masbia: A Trailer of Carolina Rice For the Needy by Ronnie Fein

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Hi, I’m Ronnie Fein from I’m home quarantining, but I’m one of the lucky people. I have a freezer, fridge and cabinet full of food. I can make three square meals a day with no problem. But because of the Covid pandemic, families everywhere are hurting. They can’t work and their families are hungry. Kids are hungry. Parents and grandparents are hungry. Thank heavens for Masbia and the incredible work of Alexander Rapaport, Masbia’s Executive Director, who works tirelessly to make this nonprofit soup kitchen and pantry a working miracle.

During the year Masbia provides millions of meals to men, women and children who would otherwise have little or nothing to eat. They also give away bags of groceries to those who don’t have enough at home.Since the pandemic Masbia has needed about 500% more emergency food. I am trying to help them meet the huge surge in food need by buying a trailer’s worth of rice. That amount of rice will go far in feeding all the extra people waiting for a hot, nutritious meal or a bag of groceries.

I need your help. A full trailer of rice costs $30,000.00. For $25 you can sponsor a case of ten 2 pound bags. $1,250.00 sponsors a full pallet of 50 cases. Please help me raise the money. If you donate $250, enough for ten cases, I will give you a copy of my most recent cookbook, The Modern Kosher Kitchen. If you donate $500, enough for twenty cases, I will also give you a copy of my first kosher cookbook, Hip Kosher. Please help. Your generosity can do so much toward helping feed those in need who are hurting. 

For my recipe of Vegetarian Kedgeree, click here. Check out the other trailers here
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