Adeena Sussman coming to you from Masbia: For as little as six dollars, you can give the gift of one hot meal to a person.

As a chef, every day I see and experience the power of a hot meal. Food has a special way of warming hearts and nourishing tired soulsLast week, I went down to Masbia to help cook a hearty soup. Experiencing firsthand the work Masbia does opened my eyes, both to what they provide, as well as how — with genuine warmth, respect, and dignity to people who have fallen on hard times. I’m so lucky. Whenever I or a family member is hungry, I can open my pantry and fridge and pull out food or ingredients for a meal. But for so many, this basic need is missing. It hurts to know that. No one should ever have to go hungry. That’s why I’ve undertaken to work with Masbia to help provide meals to the needy during this season. Below, you'll find requests for Masbia's most pressing needs. When you generously choose to donate these items, you’re helping provide warm, nourishing meals and vital groceries to those who suffer from food instability, every single day.

Here are some of Masbia’s most pressing current needs:
Chicken. For $7, you can sponsor 1 pack of chicken, which includes 4 chicken quarters. Click here.
Hot Dinners. $6 sponsors 1 hot meal and includes vegetables, soup, protein and more. Click here.
Emergency Food Packages. $54 sponsors 1 package and includes everything a mother would need to cook nutritious meals for her family with dignity. Click here.
Challah Kits. $8 sponsors 1 kit which makes at least 5 fresh, homemade challahs to nourish tired hearts, souls and bodies. Click here.
Pre-cooked Shabbat Meals. $18 sponsors 3 complete, pre-cooked Shabbat meals for seniors and others in need. Click here.
Sit-Down Shabbat Meals. $45 sponsors 1 meal for a guest seeking food and a warm atmosphere in Boro Park. Click here.

On average, 2,000 families need Masbia weekly. Your donations are what ensures we can provide for them. Please join me by giving the gift of a fresh hot meal to those who need it in a concrete, dignified and caring way.

Adeena Sussman

P.S. If you donate at least $180, I’ll send you my new kosher Israeli cookbook, Sababa, FREE as a thank you. To ensure you receive your cookbook, simply click here to make your donation via the Masbia store (the store allows you to receive multiple copies of the cookbook, to send it as a gift to someone, and also to include other items available from our store).

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