Triple Your Challah When Sharing Ingredients With the Needy Before the Shabbos Project

Shabbos_Project_Challah_Bake_Doing_it_Together_Masbia_Soup_Kitchen_Network.jpgTogether, you can help every mom have challah for Shabbos to feed her family. Take part in the Shabbos Project by sharing some ingredients to bake challah with a family in need. Donate $8 to Masbia and we will purchase the ingredients needed to make challah. This can yield 5 medium sized challahs or more. Triple your donation by donating in the lead up to the Shabbos Project 2017. Strauss Bakery and Yoni's Pretzel Challah will each donate 5 challahs to Masbia for every donation of a challah ingredient package, making your donation of $8 yield 15 challahs. Hundreds of families line up every week at the Masbia kitchens to receive basic grocery staples. Mothers will be delighted to have an option of baking their own challahs or receiving freshly made ones. 

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The Shabbos Project is a global grassroots movement that brings Jews from across the world together to celebrate and keep one complete Shabbat which will fall on October 27/28, 2017. The theme of that Shabbat is "doing it together" and some celebrate the lead up by holding massive communal challah baking events. Masbia is inviting you to include an element of sharing by caring for the needy in the lead up to the Shabbos by ensuring that everyone has challah, the bare minimum to have a Shabbos meal.

A donation of $8 will allow Masbia to keep the shelves stocked with ingredients to make challah. For every $8 you donate, Masbia can purchase another set of the 5 basic shelf-stable challah ingredients: Flour 5lb., sugar 1lb., salt 26oz., dry yeast (3) 1/4oz. packets, oil 8.5oz. 

Your donation gets tripled. Here is how: Every set of ingredients typically yields 5 challahs. For every donation made before October 28, 2017, Strauss Bakery and the Yoni's Pretzel Challah will each donate 5 challahs from their own bakeries. This triples your donation from a yield of 5 challahs to 15 challahs.  

How many challahs can you share to feed the needy? Click here to donate

In a typical week, over a thousand families receive free grocery food based on their family size. Masbia relies on the generosity of food manufacturers and people like you to give three days worth of food to every member of the family. The types of food we receive are random but we try to balance it based on the guidelines of the MyPlate recommendations. Surprise our patrons with an option for challah in their grocery package.

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