Sponsor $54 This High Holiday Season For a Shabbos Meal

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Masbia offers Shabbos meals every week and they are all special. The human connection during every Shabbos meal at Masbia is very unique for those who need it most and have no where else to go. Help Masbia feed the needy by sponsoring $54 for a Shabbos meal. Masbia will be offering 32 FULL Meals for those in need this high holiday season. Every FULL meal costs $2700 so we need $86,400 per site, which is a total of $259,200, this high holiday season to just cover our holiday meal program. We have another sponsorship opportunity this high holiday season which is covering the cost of our family packages, our need is $1,188,000. Click here to sponsor a family package. Our total goal this high holiday season is $1,447,200.

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