Charity Opportunities to Feed the Needy During Sukkot at Masbia Kosher Soup Kitchen

By the time the holiday of Sukkot arrives, many families will be feeling the pinch and might need some help for the first time ever. To learn why, click here. We hope to provide the most extensive emergency raw food packages during Sukkot, which is the longest of all the current holidays and will include special holiday staples such as chicken and DIY challah packages with honey for the holiday seasonTo sponsor holiday packages, click here. To sponsor challah, click hereMasbia of Boro Park will be serving 14 lunch and dinner holiday-style meals served inside a sukkah. To sponsor meals, click here

The significance of sharing a meal with the needy during Sukkos is a great tradition and its origins are based on a chapter in Zohar that explains that we should open the doors of the Sukkah to the Ushpizin/guests. These guests, we are told, are the mystical presence of the Jewish forefathers who drop in on everyone's Sukkah. According to the Zohar, the food that you would have offered the Ushpizin should be given to the poor instead and that is the only way you earn their stay in your Sukkah (See how the Bobover Rebbe Ben Zion Halberstam explained this in 2005. Click here)


List of Sukkot Donation Options

Sukkot Dinner Meals

Sponsor Hot Nutritious Daily Dinner

Sponsor Emergency Grocery Packages

Sponsor a Chicken in Every Pot

Sponsor Pre-Cooked Holiday Meals


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