VIN News: Kosher Food Company Ties New Product Purchase to Masbia Donation

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

SECAUCUS, NJ - A Rockland County based kosher food distributor debuted a line of organic flours today at the Kosher Fest food show that is not only unbleached, organic and stone ground, but a vehicle to feed the needy as well.

The center of every label on five pound bags of La Sova flour clearly states that for every pallet of flour sold, Neiman Kosher Food Distributors will donate one case of flour to Masbia soup kitchens. Each case of flour contains six five pound bags of flour.

“This is a brand new innovative idea,” Mordy Neuman, Director of Business Development at Neiman Kosher Foods told VIN News. “I know Alexander Rappaport of Masbia personally and am very familiar with the work that he does at Masbia’s four locations. While we do donate products locally in our own area, we thought that Masbia was an appropriate shidduch for us.”

Alexander Rappaport, Executive Director of Masbia praised La Sova for making Masbia an integral part of their product.

“What is unique about the way La Sova is doing this is that this is not a on- time thing,” said Rapaport. “This project will run year round and La Sova is the first kosher label to do this type of socially conscious labeling.”

La Sova has six different types of flour, offering whole, light and white varieties of both wheat and spelt flours. According to Neuman, health minded products are a major part of the company’s business and he hopes that with the growing interest in these products will generate large donations for Masbia. Neuman also encouraged other companies to follow his company’s lead saying, “There is no trademark on this idea. I would love for other companies to donate a portion of their product to Masbia as well.”

Neuman said that while it is too early to tell if the Masbia donation will remain a permanent part of La Sova flours, Neiman Kosher plans to continue this project for the foreseeable future and hopefully continue it on for the very long term.

“We printed a lot of labels that say we are donating flour to Masbia,” said Neiman with a smile. “There is definitely no turning back now.”

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