Help Load Up For Masbia: A Trailer of Tuscanini Pasta For the Needy by Steven and Naomi Wolinsky

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Please help us (Steven and Naomi) raise $22,464.00 in charity to buy a full trailer load of pasta. For $13 you can sponsor a case of twelve one-pound packs. $936 sponsors a full pallet of 72 cases. We donated the first $5,000.00 for this trailer. Can you please help us reach the goal so we can place the order and get the food to where it's needed as soon as possible? 

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network's COVID-19 Relief Mobilization started at the beginning of March and is battling this historic food crisis with 500% more emergency food than before the outbreak. At the current rate, over twelve tractor-trailer loads are given out every single week to the people standing on those unprecedented breadlines. Let's try to get them a trailer of pasta. 

For the recipe of my garlicky creamy pasta, click here. Check out the other trailers here
Masbia's Covid-19 mobilization IN THE NEWS: NY1JewishWeeki24TVNYTTPMJTALilithForward. 
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