Sponsor Emergency Food For Federal Employees Affected By The Government Shutdown - Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

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Stephanie Usis donated $54.00
Emily Greenspan donated $36.00
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Judith Brooks donated $54.00
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Rachael Hoffman donated $216.00
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Rachel Banderob donated $18.00
Evelyn Baran donated $216.00

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network serves free hot dinners and distributes raw grocery packages to all. Everyone is eligible, no ID is needed. Everyone is entitled to a free nightly sit-in dinner as well as a weekly take-home grocery package. Leaflets were distributed to welcome Federal employees and contractors to come to get some relief from their financial pain.

Help Masbia keep the shelves stocked with food, sponsor emergency food today. One hot dinner can be sponsored for $6 and one pantry package for an average-sized family can be sponsored for $54. 

Our service to Federal employees was featured on NY1, Vox.com, NY Daily News, BKLYNER, Brooklyn Daily EagleAlgemeiner, Times Ledger, Queens Jewish Link, Hamodia, Forest Hills Post and many more.

To volunteer, click here. To buy food directly via Amazon wish list click here.

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