Help me - Joseph Ku-Benjet - Feed the Needy During the Pandemic - It's my Bar Mitzvah Project

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Ann Levinson donated $54.00
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Peggy Ku donated $540.00

During these trying times, many people are out of work and stuck at home, which is why I decided to use my mitzvah project to help the less fortunate. My first thought was “what do people need?” Food. Everyone needs food. So I went to google and found Masbia. Masbia is a kosher food pantry and soup kitchen here in Queens. Masbia serves kosher meals and provides essential groceries for families in need.

Masbia is a great organization, but no one was left unscathed by COVID-19. Even some regular donors have now returned in need of assistance themselves.

There are multiple ways to help, but right now Masbia mostly needs money to buy and distribute food. A donation of $54.00 will provide a family with a full grocery shop of kosher food.  $5.00 provides two challahs for shabbat.

My goal for my bar mitzvah project is to raise a total of $5400.00, in other words, groceries for 100 families. Please kindly scroll down and contribute. Even if it is not much, small donations add up, and overall, they help more than you think. Every penny counts!

Thank you, 

Joseph Ku-Benjet

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