Masbia Mentioned In JNS: Rabbis, Jewish Relief Outlets Offer Aid And Support To Flood Victims In Kentucky

While Kentucky’s small Jewish community was not impacted by the flood, Jewish organizations are nevertheless pitching in to help. In addition to Chabad and the Israel consulate, Masbia, a kosher soup kitchen based in the Chassidic neighborhood of Boro Park, N.Y. The organization’s disaster relief team, which includes its executive director Rabbi Alexander Rapaport, went down to Kentucky to deliver needed supplies, including bleach and blow-up beds.

According to Shlomo Litvin, this week has been the first time some of the people in eastern Kentucky have ever seen a Jew. “We are the first Jews they’ve ever met,” he said, noting that providing help has no religious boundaries.

“We are needed,” said his father. “This is one of the poorest sections of America, they are challenged on a daily basis. We will be back to help.”

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