In Memory And Honor Of My Grandma Rose (Chaya Rochel Bat Shraga Fievel)

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I chose to raise $5094 in the memory and honor of my grandmother. It is a well-known Jewish custom to donate in multiples of 18. Chai / life (18) x ozer / helper (283) = 5094. Thinking about my grandmother I felt this was the most appropriate combination. My grandmother spent her LIFE doing chesed and HELPING others whenever she could. She worked for Vaad Hatzalah, rescuing Jews who were stuck in Europe, helping them get visas. Throughout her life, she would always make an effort to visit people in her community who were lonely. She gave a lot of financial support to those who needed it but was always very modest about it. Even when she was in her high 80’s she took on new volunteer of them being Masbia. I, my Grandmother, and my brother volunteered at Masbia multiple times a week for years together at the Queens location. It was incredibly meaningful to do something so special together for so many years. She did not just physically satiate those who were hungry, she emotionally satiates them as well. She was much more than just a server, she conversed with all those who came to eat. She gave the company, she became their friend.

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