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Passover may be over but the need is now even greater. To donate to our current response to the hunger wave, click here.

The in-house seders along with eight days of holiday meals at Masbia of Boro Park are cancelled due to the social distancing rules to prevent further outbreak. We did some quick strategic thinking and ordered thousands of ready to eat kosher for Passover airline meals at a discount, as they are not useful to the airlines right now (as we were featured in the New York Times). While not serving in-house meals could have meant taking a vacation, we are actually anticipating to feed many more people than usual, due to the crisis. The general demand is up 500% in the last few weeks. This initiative is sponsored in part by the New York Board of Rabbis.

The following is the text we prepared only a few weeks ago....

Will you sponsor a ready to eat meal for someone needy this Passover?

So great is the need that last year we had several elderly people walk over an hour to attend

In order to host these meals, we must kasher the entire facility, pay Mashgichim astronomical overtime for after-hours oversight, and of course, prepare costly kosher-for-Passover foods. 

We work tirelessly to keep expenses down, however the average meal on Passover still costs us $72 (over 1.5 times the cost of a normal Masbia Shabbos meal!) and the entire Passover overhead cost of $50,000.

Help us transform this Passover from a bitter struggle to a sweet, enjoyable time for the over 20,000 individuals who rely on our kitchen for a hot, nourishing meal.

To donate via Venmo click here (only donations made through this page will be immediately reflected on the goal bar).

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