Young Israel Of Great Neck Matanot LaEvyonim Purim Drive 2021 For Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

$8,958.00 raised of $7,200.00

Donate to Masbia to fulfill the mitzvah of Matanot La'Evyonim and Mishloach Manot, and bring joy to many needy men, women, and children on Purim! The Young Israel Of Great Neck Community goal is to sponsor $7,200 worth of food this Purim season. This goal will sponsor 100 Purim food packages and 100 Purim meals for the day of Purim.

Throughout the Purim season, Masbia expects to serve 10,500 families through raw food distributions, which will include special kosher holiday staples for families to be able to prepare their own Purim feast. Masbia will also serve 1,500 sit-down meals on Purim three separate times for those who are unable to prepare food for themselves. We need to raise $594,000 to cover the food (this does not include other costs). 100% of this money will be spent on food.

Please feed the needy today and sponsor meals, packages, or both! For your convenience, we also accept donations via Venmo and Paypal. Masbia's work in the News here.

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Current Donors

Sharon Senderowicz donated $100.00
David Hess donated $72.00
Young Israel of Neck donated $1,000.00
Barry Weinberger donated $144.00
Bracha Hirsch donated $180.00
Eric Rosen donated $36.00
Mordecai Dicker donated $180.00
amy and Martin Griffel donated $54.00
david simhaee donated $160.00
Ira Wolff donated $118.00
Stuart Appel donated $54.00
Jonathan Noble donated $72.00
Annie Karpenstein donated $72.00
Sasson and Dana Elya donated $72.00
Mark Newman donated $360.00
Charles Goldberg donated $200.00
david kamelhar donated $150.00
Elana Pelcovitz donated $500.00
Tamar Hofer donated $360.00
Susan Raven donated $54.00
Gloria Kobrin donated $360.00
Celia and Jeff Weber donated $36.00
Brenda and Ed Parver donated $150.00