Bake Sale Tools

There are different ways of doing a bake sale depending on what one wants to emphasize. Masbia recommends combining both a baking component and a virtual component, regardless of how one goes about doing it.  One can choose to go heavy on the baking side and create a big event with tons of baked goods for sale and invite as many people to the event to buy the goods. One can choose to do all the baking oneself, or one can create a "potluck" style bake sale where one invites friends and family to each bake something to sell at the event. Alongside that one can set up an online page, which one can promote leading up to the sale and use as one's collection site during the actual sale (See an example of such a bake sale here).

Or, instead one can decide to use the 'bake sale' as a more symbolic way of launching an online fundraiser. For this option, one can choose to bake a symbolic amount of baked goods to sell at a parent's workplace or at a local park like a lemonade sale, and focus instead on the online fundraiser side of it, avoiding the challenge of getting people to show up to an event.

The following are examples of past bake sales:

  • Abby Hofstetter's Bat Mitzvah on CrowdRise

Bake Sale Webtools

Perfect Potluck: A site for signing up and coordinating who is bringing what food.

CrowdRise: A fundraising platform where you can launch your campaign and raise money for your celebration.

Evite: Create online invitations to your event 

More Charity Options: