#Tzimmes: Join Me in Feeding the Needy


Hi, this is Eve Jochnowitz from inmolaraan.blogspot.com and I am asking you to please join me in helping Masbia feed the hungry. Masbia is a network of Kosher soup kitchens that serves 2 million meals a year to hungry men, women and children. Masbia needs our help to continue to feed those less fortunate. Donate now and with your tax deductible receipt, Masbia will include a collection of 50 Tzimmes recipes from some of the best known names in Jewish cooking, including my own. That’s for any donation, and every donation counts! 

Hi, I’m Rukhl Schaechter. I am the editor of the yiddish.forward.com and co-host, together with Eve Jochnowitz, of the Yiddish cooking show Est Gezunterheyt and we came here with our recipe for a savory Tzimmes made with chile pepperss. The reason we decided to join this event is because we feel very strongly that Masbia is doing a wonderful job helping the poor and we at the Forward have written articles about Masbia in Yiddish because we want the Yiddish speaking Hasidim to know about the wonderful things that Masbia does. If you’re hungry and you need to eat, you have a place to come to that shows you a lot of respect and delicious food.


Savory Tzimmes

(Courtesy of the Yiddish Forward)

This recipe tempers the sweetness of the carrots and prunes with the intriguing mineral flavor of bay leaves and just a little warmth from chile peppers.  I slice the carrots diagonally because I think the ovals look prettier with the shape of the prunes than plain circles. The slices are about 3/16” thick, or just shy of a quarter-inch (0.5 cm)


  • Pitted prunes, equal to 2/3 the volume of the carrots (they will expand)
  • Tea – enough to cover the prunes
  • Oil
  • One large onion, diced into medium-sized dice
  • Six slender carrots, about one pound, sliced into thin ovals
  • 1 or 2 bay leaves
  • 2 chile pods
  • Salt, to taste
  • (Sugar, optional)
  • 1 lemon, cut into slices or wedges
  • Soak the prunes in the tea as you prepare the recipe.


Heat oil in a large skillet. Use a larger skillet than you think you need so that everything can caramelize evenly.

Add diced onions, lower heat and cook for several minutes. When the onions are about halfway there (light gold), add the sliced carrots, chile pods and bay leaves.

Continue to cook and stir several minutes more or until onions are deep nut-brown and carrots are taking a bit of color. Add the prunes and tea and a bit of salt, and raise heat somewhat. 

Allow the tzimmes to cook, stirring occasionally until the tea is absorbed and the carrots are done. Taste for salt and a little sugar if you prefer. Put the lemon wedges or slices in the pan until they warm up, and serve.


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