Masbia Relief On News12: Haitian And Hasidic Neighbors In Rockland County Team Up To Help Earthquake Victims

The anchor of News12, Scott McGee, presents Antoinette Biordi reporting from Spring Valley Village hall; Masbia's Executive Director Alexander Rapaport spoke about launching the Haiti Relief campaign to help Haitians with food and monetary donation.

Haitian And Hasidic Neighbors In Rockland County Team Up To Help Earthquake Victims

Haitian and Hasidic neighbors in Rockland County are helping victims of the deadly Haiti earthquake that happened on Aug. 18.

Members of the Hasidic community in the county and beyond are shipping boxes filled with food and supplies to Haiti following the 7.2-magnitude earthquake. The natural disaster killed over 2,000 people.
“Let’s share what we got here and share it with our brothers and sisters in Haiti who are suffering from this earthquake,” says one supporter.

The Hasidic and Haitian communities agree that world tragedies happen all the time, but it’s how people react that makes a difference – and that’s why they’re pledging to lend a hand.

“We live in the village of Spring Valley. We lift together, we pray together, we mourn together, and we rejoice together. We are one…we are all Haiti today,” says legislator Aron B. Wieder.

Haitian American Nurses Association of Hudson Valley representative Christel-Ann Augustin says coming together for a common goal is necessary.

“Seeing everyone come together lights up my heart. Everything takes collaboration, it takes community effort seeing people from different organizations, different ethnic groups coming together helping those for a common goal,” says Augustin. “That's the most important thing to me.”

The Hasidic community is asking people to donate essential items and non-perishable food. They plan to fill two shipping containers that will be sent to Haiti on Aug. 26.

“No matter your background race or religion…to step up, contribute and join this effort we are at our best when we are united,” says Assemblymember Simcha Eichenstein.

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