Join me, Susie Fishbein,

In Feeding the Hungry

At Masbia

A text version of her message can be read here.

For $6 you can sponsor a meal at Masbia, and for  $54 you can sponsor an emergency food package. Any donation of $180 and more is eligible for a gift from Susie Fishbein and you will be able to redeem it in our online store with a promo code sent to you within one business day of your donation. You will also have the option to specify where you would like the gift sent (you can choose to send it as a gift to a friend).

Every donation of $180 makes you eligible to receive an additional Kosher by Design cook book.

For donations of $1,080, which sponsors 180 meals or 20 emergency food packages, receive all nine books (which otherwise would cost $1,620)

For donations of $3,600 receive all nine books and a handcrafted mezuzah holder made from recycled Masbia tables that were replaced by new ones donated by Susie Fishbein. For more details, listen to her video or read the full text version beneath the video.