Masbia on News12 Brooklyn: Masbia Distributing Food 24 hours Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Masbia on News12 Brooklyn

On October 20, 2020, reporter Katie Lusso from News12 Brooklyn came at 5:00 am to report on the Masbia Distributing Food 24 hours. She also came in the afternoon for the evening news. Both segments included an interview with our ED, Alexander Rapaport.

Nonessential businesses remain shut down in red zones, and one soup kitchen in Brooklyn says it is feeling the impact from this.

MASBIA Soup Kitchen of Flatbush has several locations, including one on Coney Island Avenue and one in Borough Park.

News 12 is told, in the last couple of weeks they’ve had to transition into a 24-hour schedule. In their third day of operating 24 hours, they have transitioned into more of a digital line to try and minimize long lines.

Alex Rapaport, who runs MASBIA soup kitchen, says there have been lines around the corner.

He says it is very sad that the pandemic has caused working class people to be “on the bread line.”

“People standing when it’s chilly out or it’s hot out there waiting in line, it’s really stigmatizing, and taboo people feel so bad about it. Regular working-class people now in a bread line, it’s very sad but we’re excited that were able to help them,” says Rapaport.

Rapaport says they help around 400 to 1,000 families a day.

MASBIA is asking those in need to sign up for appointments. Those who want to make an appointment should text FOOD to 726879.

Read the original article HERE.

More photos of Katie Lusso reporting at Masbia Flatbush below:Reporter Katie Lusso of News12 Brooklyn reporting from Masbia Soup KitchenReporter Katie Lusso of News12 Brooklyn with her camera man getting ready to report from Masbia Soup Kitchen

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