Masbia in the Hamodia: Vouchers for Meals at Boro Park Takeouts Available at Masbia

Masbia of Boro Park will be giving vouchers for free meals at local takeout stores.

Read the report below written by Reuvain Borchardt, in the Hamodia, on takeout vouchers given by local stores, helping Masbia to provide fresh, hot meals to anyone during this Covid-19 pandemic.

BORO PARK As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impose economic hardship on New York businesses and families, Masbia of Boro Park will be giving vouchers for free meals at local takeout stores.

From 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, individuals and families may line up outside Masbia at New Utrecht Ave. and 54th St., and receive a voucher for a free meal for themselves and every family member (up to seven people), at one of two takeout locations on the same block: Luzee’s and Meisner’s.

“Thanks to the large number of donations that have been pouring in during this crisis, we are able to expand our services and be mechayeh so many people,” Masbia Executive Director Alexander Rapaport told Hamodia. “And we are also happy to be able to provide a bit of a stimulus to local takeout stores, which have been struggling as well.”

During the pandemic, the Masbia food network had ceased its hot-meals service. Its food pantry has still been open for grocery distribution, and the organization also recently announced that, due to a generous donation from New Eichler’s owner Mordy Getz, it has arranged for any coronavirus almanos to have a free account in a Boro Park grocery until Rosh Hashanah.

“We are pleased,” said Rapaport, “that with today’s announcement of the takeout vouchers, Masbia is once again able to provide fresh, hot meals to anyone.”

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